Golflunchen intas
på La Marquesas restaurang The Clubhouse.

1) French onion Soup
2) Chicken burrito with guacamole

A) Lasagne with Salad
B) Cajun Salmon with potatoes and
C) Cheese Burger

Brownie or ice cream

1) Broccoli and Stilton Soup
2) Mussels

A) Turkey fillet topped with peppers, onion, cheese,
fried vegetables and chips
B) Fillet of Haddock with salsa Verde and
new potatoes
C) Spaghetti Carbonara

Cheesecake or ice cream

1) Tomato and basil soup
2) Bacon and feta salad

A) Confit chicken with beer sauce and lyonnaise potatoes
B) Salmon with mash potatoes and
mushroom sauce
C) Pasta Canneloni

Profiteroles or ice cream

21/12 Cava on arrival
1) Herrings
2) Cajun Chicken salad

A) Christmas Turkey Roulade with veg., roasted potatoes and gravy
B) Cod with mash potatoes and dill
chive sauce
C) Prawn Curry

Crumble Apple  or Straticella Ice cream

Lunchpris: 13€

Då ingår bröd, förrätt, varmrätt, dagens dessert  eller kaffe,

1/2 flaska vin, stor öl eller vatten

Klubbmästare: Kerstin Engerfelt


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